Trem – For The Term Of His Natural Life

Update 16/9: Dope album cover revealed, “Heads up… Free up the 1st week of October!” .. more info here. :D!

OK, Fam, friends & fans… FTTOHNL will not be in stores on (the half drunken, ambitiously mentioned then stolen, run with, broadcast & widely announced!) Sept.11. An official drop HAS been scheduled, but dont panic, its merely a couple days further away! All is about to be revealed! Hang on to your hats… – Trem

Be prepared.


1. Intro ft DJ Revolution (Prod. Thorotracks, cuts by DJ Revolution)
2. For The Term Of His Natural Life (Prod. Beat Butcha for Halal Beats, cuts by Trem)
3. Animal Kingdom ft Dontez (Prod. Beat Butcha for Halal Beats, cuts by Trem)
4. Omega Man (Prod. Prowla, cuts by Prowla)
5. One Man (Skit)
6. Ever Since (Prod. Trem, cuts by Trem)
7. Hard Yards (Prod. Amazing Maze for Broken Arrow Prod/Street Symphony Records, cuts by Prowla)
8. Russian Roulette ft Brad Strut & Kings Konekted (Prod. Must for Pang Productions)
9. Strips (Prod. Trem, cuts by Prowla)
10. Intermish (Skit)
11. For The Record (Prod. Prowla, cuts by DJ Revolution)
12. Vet Clinic ft Lazy Grey (Prod. WIK for Crate Cartel, cuts by Dj Dcide)
13. Reminisce ft Brad Strut (Prod. Trem, cuts by DJ Bonez)
14. A King Is (Skit)
15. Kings Court (Prod. Prowla, cuts by Trem)
16. Same Shit (Prod. Prowla)
17. Naaaahhh… (Skit)
18. Omega Man MK II ft Q-Unique (Prod. Prowla, cuts by Prowla)